7 Great Ways To Use Your Executive Boston Headshot Image

The best way to derive value from your Boston executive headshot is not just letting it linger on your desktop somewhere, but actually using the image. Repurposing your Boston business headshot is a great way of ensuring that you stay current, and are really able to get the best value.

Here are just a few ways you can accomplish this:

1. Personal branding

A professional headshot lends credence to your brand, as well as creating a certain level of consistency. Your brand is centered on you, your business philosophy and how you conduct yourself – let your headshot be an extension of that. It adds an extra layer of personality that is difficult to replicate otherwise.

boston professional headshot man in

2. Social media

LinkedIn, and other social media platforms will definitely benefit from a professional headshot. The wide networking usage for LinkedIn means that your photo should always remain current, and really communicate your brand and who you are. Social media is the perfect platform to really create your brand, and use the headshot as part of that.

3. Website

Your website is almost like a virtual business or calling card, so it is incredibly important to have your professional headshot on it. When people research businesses, they like to know the team is, and their experience and a headshot is essential for credibility. Your website is likely the first place people will go to learn more about you and your business, so it definitely needs to have your headshot.

4. Speaking engagements

Many speaking engagements and conferences will likely require a photo alongside if they have asked you to speak. Many often overlook this and might send a more casual picture or none at all. However, a speaking engagement is critical for raising your profile, and for helping get to know your business – so there needs to be a professional headshot to help you attain that.

5. Business cards

Adding your headshot to your business cards provides people with a face to the name, which is always extremely handy…especially in networking events. Depending on the design of the business card, it is usually an easy element to incorporate that gives your business cards a very unique look and feel.

6. General marketing purposes

It is likely that your headshot will be needed for general marketing purposes, whether it is general marketing collateral and blog posts, or other forms of marketing. Having a current headshot will greatly help for promotional purposes and provide customers with a better idea of who they are working with. Think of it as an extra step in building trust while marketing.

7. Email signatures

Similar to business cards, using your headshot in an email signature is also a great way to stand out and provide recipients with a quick reference to who you are. Your email signature is an extension of the business card and your website, so having the headshot will help provide a new layer of dimension that will really help round out your business and enable others to learn more about your brand.

A professional headshot is an absolute must for a successful business, and to build your brand. A great executive headshot can help set you apart from the competition, and provide real value for your business. Click here to see my availability, book a session, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

A great headshot is definitely one component of success, but only if it is current. Click here to see my availability, book a session, and get answers to frequently asked questions.