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Is Your Executive Headshot Working Against You?

Make sure they see an executive headshot that shows you at your very best. Potential clients and customers can learn all about you, from half a world away – with the click of a mouse. Instead of having to wait until you walk through the door to find out what you look like, they can (and frequently do) access your social media and website profiles, and begin to form that crucial first impression long before your first face-to-face meeting. 

“With the rise in social platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, visuals are driving consumer engagement in both the business and corporate world.”

Sonia Brown, “Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Headshot.

Common Executive Headshot Mistakes

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to have a picture attached to your profile. It has to be the right picture. Here are three common mistakes I often see in executive headshots:

boston executive headshots

Your executive headshot is outdated

A headshot is useless if it no longer looks like you. The primary purpose of a headshot is to give clients, customers, and colleagues an accurate image of who you are. As much as people hate growing older, resist the urge to hang on to that great headshot from 20 years ago. The last thing you want someone to say is, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t recognize you,” or worse, “Wow, you’re a lot older than I expected.”

If you’re self-conscious about droopy eyelids, neck wrinkles, or a double chin, talk to your photographer. Professionals know how to use different poses and lighting to minimize flaws and bring out your natural beauty. Be sure to update your headshot every year.

boston executive headshots

Your headshot is unprofessional

Your headshot is amateurish. But you are a professional who takes pride in delivering the best possible product or service. A fuzzy, blurry, or poorly lit snapshot on your profile or web page will send a mixed message to your clients. Don’t cut corners on an opportunity to make a great online first impression by using a second-rate photo.

boston executive headshots

Your executive headshot misrepresents you.

Your headshot misrepresents you. Most professionals have the common sense to know that a beach photo on their corporate website is a professional no-no. Surprisingly, however, they miss some of the subtleties that make the difference between a home run headshot and a strikeout. Clothing style, colors, and background all work together to create just the right image.

boston executive headshots

Donis Perkins