Headshot Image Selection Form

Please fill out the form below to let me know which headshot image you would like fully retouched and delivered to you.

Please refer to the email sent to you notifying you that the previews are online for how many fully retouched images are included with your session fee.

If you would like to order more retouched images, in addition to the ones included with your session, an option will be provided to you after you submit this form.

You will receive an email containing instructions on how to download your fully retouched image file within three business days.
  • Please enter the same email address that you used when first booked your session. Thank you!
  • Using the following format "190101-example-001.jpg" This is just an example image number. YOUR IMAGE NUMBER IS DIFFERENT. Please use the image number below your photos at the online gallery that was sent to you. PLEASE ENTER ONE IMAGE NUMBER PER LINE AND PUT IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER. Thank you very much!