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This Is Why You Need New Professional Headshots

When is the last time you updated your online profile photo? Too many LinkedIn profiles have the same headshot from 20 years ago. People use the same old photo for conferences and speaking engagements. This makes it harder and harder for people to recognize them. That’s why up-to-date professional headshots be a valuable asset. Here’s why:

woman executive professional headshots Boston

Periodic updates are always good

Periodic updates of professional headshots are always a good idea as we become more established in our careers. Aging is a natural process, and it’s easy to keep using the same photo. But your professional headshot should be an accurate reflection of who you are at the moment. So regular updates ensure that you’re using a picture that reflects where you are in your career, and that others will get to know you more easily.

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A new career, a new you

During our careers, we’ll often switch companies, or start new ventures, or just brand out into something new. Look at your professional headshot as an extension of that. A new professional headshot lets your network know when you’re switching careers or working somewhere new. Your Boston headshot photographer can convey the right message to reflect the changes in your life and show off your new career.

An asset in communications and branding

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it; A professional headshot is an asset. You use it in so many applications – from your email signature to promotional corporate branded print. That’s why it needs to be updated regularly – you want your headshot to be the best possible version. This establishes credibility. Also, making sure to keep your headshot up to date shows your professionalism.

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You will always need an up-to-date professional headshot to present yourself as authoritative, and credible. Even updating once a few times a year can be a major help in finding connections and working with others. To learn more, please contact us.

Donis Perkins