Retouching professional executive headshots

So, we did a shoot together and had a great time. You reviewed all your headshot images on your personal online gallery page and have narrowed down your choices. I strongly suggest you ask a trusted family member or friend who knows you well to review your headshots as well. Many times, others who are close to us can choose that perfect image from the shoot that captured you perfectly. After you have made your image choice to use as your official headshot, it’s my job to make you look your best using the latest professional imaging software, mainly Photoshop. Below is a headshot image I photographed for a corporate client in Boston Massachusetts. This is how I retouch professional executive headshots using photoshop. My goal in retouching your headshot is to keep you looking natural and professional.

Here is a before image, the original RAW photograph straight out of the camera, no cropping, color correcting, enhancement, etc. I choose this image because he has a great expression, my number one criteria for a good portrait. And he makes a warm connection with the view with his eyes. He must of had a good rapport with the photographer. ; )


My post production retouching list is simple:

  • remove stray hairs
  • soften skin, but not overly soft, especially for men
  • lighten under the eyes (those damn bags!)
  • remove any blemishes
  • remove any lint of or distracting spots in background
  • slightly brighten the whites of the eyes and teeth, not glowing or unnatural
  • color balance over all image
  • warm skin tones slightly
  • increase the saturation of the whole image a little
  • crop as needed

The result (You like?):


Yes, a good deal of time goes into creating a great professional headshot for you. There is planning, scheduling, scouting, lighting set up, processing RAW files, creating a preview gallery online, and post production, including retouching and electronic delivery of your headshot(s).

Having created thousands of professional headshots for small business and corporate clients for over fourteen years, I can honestly say that I love making people look good and improving their images and businesses.

Contact me anytime and allow me to create a great professional headshot of you or your colleagues.

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